LWS Program

Welcome to the approved LWS Program Collection. You are now part of the Lashed Brand! As a reminder, the LWS purchase minimum order requirement is 50 per style of lashes. If you do not include the minimum requirement in you purchase your order will be denied. YOU MUST FULLFILL THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENT PER STYLE.  The processing time for your wholesale order is 10-15 business days. Please allow our distribution team to adequately complete your order with our standard quality control. If you have any questions feel free to call 770-322-4724. You can also email lashedbar@gmail.com for assistance.


The current LWS prices for eyelashes is $5.00 per box. Below you will find the options to pick a CASE (each case contains 50 boxes per style) of each style and also PER BOX (each box contains 1 pair) of each style. Your order must include a case (minimum order requirement fulfillment) per style. After you have added the case(s) per style to your shopping cart, you (approved members) have the privilege to add and purchase boxes per style at wholesale prices.

Lashed Skin Care products is now available for LWS members. The LWS purchase minimum order requirement is 48 units. Each case contains 48 units for the skin care products. The prices are based per case.  

Lashed Liquid Lipsticks are also available for LWS member. The purchase minimum order requirement is 20 units. Each case contains 20 units of Liquid Lipstick. The prices are based per case.  

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.